Why BI Office Online?


Scalable. Immediate. Cost Effective


As a hosted SAAS solution, BI Office Online offers customers a highly scalable business analytics platform without the cost, headache and complexity of the matching in-house framework.

The back-end technologies can comfortably scale up and scale out to meet the most demanding needs of an advanced, high performance analytics solution.


Connecting to BI Office Online is immediate. Your first analytics, reporting or publishing project can be begin instantly with a simple, wizard-driven data mash-up process.

Interactive reports and dashboards are then a few clicks away - without needing other desktop applications, tools or connectors.

Cost Effective

A platform commensurate with BI Office Online is significantly more expensive (considering both hardware and software). While the easy, yet sophisticated analytics that you can create in our self-service tools stand in contrast to the excessive professional, support and peripheral fees usually required in an equivalent solution.

Moreover, you won't need to supplement your cloud-BI solution with other expensive desktop apps, because everything you need is included in the cloud toolset: including advanced analytics functions, report designers, publication tools and data modelers.

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