What is BI Office Online?


Cloud-Based Business Analytics

BI Office Online is your own cloud-hosted environment for data analytics, allowing you to upload your own data from multiple data sources and analyze them without the need for programming or setting up a server.

BI Office Online gives you access to your data, letting you analyze, share and publish it anywhere, anytime – 24/7/365.

Now you can reap all the benefits of enterprise-class advanced analytics, interactive reporting and publishing with YOUR data without all the hassles and cost of deploying a complex BI system.

BI Office Online includes:

  • A state-of-the-art, web-based data discovery, analytics, reporting and publishing toolset
  • A high-performance, server-based, scalable in-memory analytical database
  • Secure, direct access to content that you can share via PC, Mac or mobile device
  • Self-driven tutorials on how to use the applications and online support for all your questions.

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