How do I login?

Click here for instructions on how to login to the main client. Click here for instructions on how to login to the mobile app.

How do I access content on my mobile device?

You first need to download the native application for iOS, Android or Windows RT in their respective App Stores (search for “BI Office” from Pyramid Analytics). Once installed, you need to connect to the server with the credentials and details provided in your sign-up email. Click here for more on connecting to the platform.

How do I install SilverLight?

Instructions on the SilverLight installation for both PC and Mac can be found here.

Once my data is uploaded can anyone else see it?

No. Your data is restricted to your security group and can only be seen and used by you or anyone else you add to your security group.

If I discontinue use of BI Office Online, what happens to my data and reports?

Your data and content is removed from our servers.

How do I share my data, analyses and reporting?

You can elect to add new users to your security group(s). Once in a group, you will be able to determine which groups can see which data sets and content items, and there provide a mechanism to share content and data.

Can I share content with users who do not have a license for BI Office Online?

Yes. To share content you can choose to manually print content from the analytics or dashboarding tools and then email it. Alternatively, you can decide to publish content from the “bioWriter” application and email it to a listing of users. This publishing process can be automated and scheduled.

What data sources do you support?

Currently, we allow users to upload Excel, Access and delimited text files from their desktops. We also allow users to access cloud hosted databases on Microsoft Azure SQL Server and Azure Hadoop Hive. If you have other data source types you wish to access, please contact support here.

Is there a transaction limit?

The current BI Office Online EULA has no transaction limits.

Is there a stand-alone version for on-premise installations?

Yes. See the Pyramid Analytics' BI Office for more details.

Is there any online help?

Yes! Click here to see support options including online tutorials, online help documentation and user forums.

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